Terms and Conditions

All the customers who buy the product or intend to buy must agree with the terms and conditions which are mentioned below along with the legal disclaimer and the privacy policy before purchasing any product.

We don’t provide any medical treatment of any disease diagnosing, prevention and curing of any medical condition, therefore, the website does not prescribe any product for the medical purpose.

The reviews and information provided on this site are solely for the information purpose and have no intention to provide any medical use. Do not, in any case, consider it a medical prescription and consult your doctor or physician before seeking any medical advice. The information should not be perceived as a diagnosis of your health issue or problem. It is suggested to visit your doctor and take advice before using any of the supplements to get your medical history, family health history and complete diagnosis of your health issues before starting to use any product.

We also suggest that there can be any physiological condition which a patient can suffer from, therefore if anyone observes any abnormal body behavior consult your doctor. In case you are taking any treatment before, ask your doctor regarding it for termination of use as well as for starting any new treatment.

Terms and conditions:

As an online store, we can change and alter the terms and conditions. Before buying any product from the seller, the buyer must agree to the terms and conditions.

Terminologies of the content:

Buyer: the buyer is any individual, organization, or any firm who purchases the products from the seller.

Seller: the company who is selling the products is considered as the sellers.

Goods: the product which the seller is selling and the buyer are buying.

Contract: the agreement between the buyer and seller while selling and purchasing of goods.

Legal terms:

1.    Age of the customer:

The buyer must be 21 years old or above to buy the products from the seller. Therefore the buyer has to show the age proof for buying the product at the time of order or delivery.

2.    The risk of loss and local laws:

There are some places where the local law provided the buying and selling of some products, in this case, the buyer has to bear the loss of the product in case the product is lost in between transportation, or the customer is unable to follow the local law. The seller considers the risk of loss is transferred to the buyer on the purchase of the goods.

3.    Personal details of the buyer:

The customer must provide their personal and right information for buying the products; the information must be correct and accurate to complete the billing and shipping process.

4.    Rights of refusing sales:

The seller can refuse to sell the product to any buyer for any reason, and it is a sole decision of the seller itself.

5.    Shipping:

The shipment may include a vendor who can delay the delivery of the product to the customer, and the customer must understand that it is not the seller’s liability.

6.    Return:

Returns are only permitted in the case of vendor’s discretion otherwise the sales are considered final.

7.    Severability:

The terms and conditions are found to be valid in any case and circumstances and cannot be affected by even when declared illegal, invalid or unenforceable. Similarly, the terms and condition will also remain same in case the changed occur in the legal terms.

8.    Disclaimer of liability:

The seller is not responsible for any issue result after using the product, using and misusing the product as well.  The buyer must also assert the following points before making the purchase:

I am 21 years old or older under the laws of the state I belong.

I am healthy and able to make my decisions and representations as well.

I am well aware of the local laws regarding the use and purchase of this product and also held the responsibility to use it including the outcomes or damages which can cause after using this product or during the process of shipping at my desired location. Since the seller is not completely aware of the local laws of my location, therefore I take total responsibility for providing the address and all the legal perspective of the shipment.