Mitra Testimonials

I have ordered several different strains of mitra from Herblux.

I have ordered several different strains of mitra from Herblux. Each was of the highest potency and the product came very quickly after ordering. I will definitely continue ordering from this vendor in the future. My favorite strain is the White Vein.


I am living proof that Herblux’s Mitra, and all safe mitra in general, saves lives.

I am a veteran of the Untied States Marine Corps, having served post 9-11. Shortly after returning home from active duty, I was prescribed by a local doctor the combination of oxycodone and Xanax. A combination of prescription drugs that would lead me on a road from habit to dependency and from dependency to addiction. When the prescription medications ran out, I turned to the streets, and would often rely on a lethal combination of heroin and fentanyl to relieve me of my pains. I gave up on life. I was homeless, toothless, and hopeless. My family wanted nothing to do with me, and to be honest, I don’t blame them. Then I found mitra. Mitra saved my life. In a period of just four short years, I have rebuilt and recovered. I have held a steady job. I own a car, live in a home, and have begun the process of healing with my family and loved ones. While this journey to recovery is by no means over, it is well on its way, and I have mitra, in part, to thank for it. I am living proof that mitra saves lives.


Herblux Mitra has absolutely improved the quality of my life.

I was introduced to mitra a little over a year ago and it has absolutely improved the quality of my life. I install and fix HVAC systems, which requires me to work long hours that I need to be focused for. Mitra helps me fight fatigue and stay fresh, which is very beneficial in my line of work. In my free time I enjoy mountain biking, and a scoop of mitra before I start is a great way to get me in the zone. Mountain biking is very intense physical exercise, and mitra helps me ride longer than I would be able to without it, and makes the recovery process much easier than normal. And at the end of the day, mitra is the perfect way to relax and unwind because it does not make me groggy the next day.


Herblux Bontanicals Mitra changed the quality of my life.

Herblux Bontanicals mitra changed the quality of my life. I suffer from severe arthritis in both knees and after a surgery to repair damage in my knee went poorly, I suffered from extreme pain, but did not want to use opioid based pain killers for ongoing pain management. I tried mitra and my pain became more manageable, as it is now virtually nonexistent. I can walk without a limp, no longer need a handicap parking pass, and do not have to suffer from the side effects or addiction concerns associated with opiates. I recommend Herblux Botanicals Mitra to everyone I know suffering from chronic pain. An additional benefit is the added energy! Thank you Herblux Botanicals!